Philadelphia Area Windows Cleaning

Most windows go unclean for far too long because window washing is a difficult, even athletic endeavor. Even when you have the time, it’s not a job that you’re itching to take on. And that only considering the lower windows. Want to think about those windows that are high up out of reach? That’s a job that just not going to happen without some professional help.

SCREEN Cleaning

Clean windows are only part of the battle if you want a great looking view. You need clean window screens as well. The problem is that cleaning window screens can be very difficult and oftentimes results in damage that looks even worse! Removing the window screens without damage can be difficult. Putting them back seems a task more suited for a magician! Don’t put off having those screens cleaned. Luna Services can perform some screen cleaning magic when you add the task to your next-scheduled window cleaning. We have the removal and reinstallation down to an art form. Rest assured that all your screens will be thoroughly cleaned and looking their best!


Have your sprinklers been overspraying, soaking your windows with hard water week after week? If looking through windows that were once clear is now more similar to looking through ice blocks, you need professional help removing hard water deposits! Nothing is as tough on your windows as hard water. The typical hard water stain is too old for the water and vinegar solution to actually work. The mineral deposits require much more for removal. Luna Services has the formula and the know how for the job to clean your windows up. Save yourself the elbow grease and headache and let Luna’s Service do the job for you!