Philadelphia Area Move Out Cleaning

The best things in life come typically come with a lot of work and effort. Moving into that great new home is no different. Moving is difficult! In fact, it often tops lists of the most stressful life events. Luna Services is here to make the moving more an event to celebrate and less one to fear by helping to get your home in tip-top shape! If you’re in the process of moving, hiring us to handle the cleaning for you so you can get on with enjoying your new home!

Move Out Options

⦿ Scrub and disinfect sinks, tubs, showers and toilets

⦿ Clean appliances inside and out (oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher)

⦿ Wipe out cabinets and drawers

⦿ Wash fronts of all cabinets

⦿ Clean countertops and backsplashes

⦿ Remove fingerprints from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates

⦿ Wipe down baseboards

⦿ Clean window sills

⦿ Vacuum

⦿ Mop