Philadelphia Area CONSTRUCTION Cleaning

Luna Service is the industry leader for post-construction cleaning services in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. What constitutes post construction cleaning? Builders and contractors are experts at creating living and work spaces, but not at fully prepping those spaces to use. That last step is left to cleaning professionals, like those at Luna Service!

Cleaning Services Include

⦿ Remove dust, dirt, smudges and scuffs from walls

⦿ Dust all surfaces and fixtures including ceiling fans

⦿ Clean trim, baseboards, window frames and door frames

⦿ Dust all woodwork, including handrails and mantels

⦿ Clean sides and tops of doors and door hinges (remove paint, mud if necessary)

⦿ Clean interior masonry

⦿ Vacuum carpet, especially around the edges

⦿ Vacuum and mop hard floors

Cleaning Services Include

⦿ Remove stickers and clean windows (including the glass, tracks and frames)

⦿ Clean light fixtures and bulbs

⦿ Clean electrical switches and outlets

⦿ Clean interior blinds and shutters

⦿ Clean inside closets and cabinets

⦿ Clean tops of shelves

⦿ Remove drawers and clean underneath them

⦿ Dispose of all trash